The ardent youth of Sino Steel is on the road.No madness, no youth.


The ardent youth of Sino Steel is on the road.No madness, no youth.

In the autumn of November, the air was so cool and refreshing. In this autumn season, a tourist bus carried a full car of laughter from Qingdao to the poetic southern. The long-awaited company tour has begun.


The friends in Sino Steel were filled with a bright smile on their faces, and their mood was also very easy and pleasant. Everyone took off the work clothes and put on a comfortable sportswear, which made them more youthful. Along the way, everyone was eating snacks, chatting, listening to music, playing games, and the journey of a few hours became less tired. At this time, our big family was more happy, and everyone felt so sweet and lovely.



Along the way, the difference between the northern and southern was also evident. Our first stop was the night tour of Fengcheng River,we felt the classical atmosphere of Taizhou Wanghai Building and Qiling Temple. It was really appropriate to describe the scenery of the northern and the southern with the words "powerful" and "graceful".



The birthday of the handsome guy and beautiful girl was a icing on the cake even the winter is full of warmth.


In the following journey, Yangzhou Daming monastery, Yangzhou Lean West Lake and He Garden can be described as a must in Jiangsu. Looked at the various relics left by the ancients on this land, learned about the profoundness of our Chinese culture. The perfect fit, like a painting, never tired of it. In the evening, stepped into the ancient city, tasted delicious snacks and learned about the local culture,everyone laughed and didn’t want to return.



On the last day, we went to Mount Huaguoshan. Because it was raining, the top of the mountain was covered with a thin layer of fog,Ascend to the top of the mountain, just like walking into the fairyland. Take the cableway and enjoy the majestic beauty of Mount Huaguoshan. In the natural scenic area, we were able to directly face the beauty of nature and expanded knowledge.



The ancients said: "It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books." In Sino Steel, the ardent youth is always on the road. Whether it is work or life, we have seen thousands of mountains and waters, and we have traveled all over the world.No madness,no youth. As a ardent youth in the new era of Sino Steel, the road is ahead, and success is at your feet!

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